Call for topics for agenda-setting workshop at EuroMarine 2016 GA meetingInternal

Call Overview

Call Category: Other
Managing Body: EuroMarine, EuroMarine Steering Committee
Preannouncement: December 4, 2015
Opening: December 4, 2015
Closing: January 6, 2016

The EuroMarine Steering Committee (SC) calls marine scientists to propose topics for a EuroMarine agenda-setting workshop (3-year horizon) that will take place during EuroMarine 2016 General Assembly (GA) meeting (28-29 Jan. 2016, Olhão, Portugal).

The workshop is scheduled for 28 Jan. afternoon. It should have four parallel sessions (without slides). Volunteers (to be identified in advance) should lead discussions in each group and report back on their topics in plenary.

The SC has identified several broad candidate topics for the four parallel sessions (e.g. 'science priorities'; 'expanding membership'; 'increasing visibility'; 'engaging membership'; 'engaging external audiences'). It would however welcome any other suggestions, which would be taken into account and used to assemble the final programme.

To propose a topic (scientific or other), you are invited to send to secretariatateuromarinenetwork [dot] eu, by the 6 January deadline:

  • Title (of proposed topic)
  • Name and contact info of a potential discussion leader / rapporteur at the GA meeting (if possible).