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OYSTER Mentorship Programme

Call Overview

Call Category: Expertise, Other
Managing Body: EuroMarine
Contact: OYSTER
Email: oyster [at]

Call for Volunteers

EuroMarine's early career researchers group OYSTER has announced a call for EuroMarine members to volunteer as mentors for the new OYSTER Mentorship Programme, which is to become operational by September 2020.

These mentors will occasionally respond to requests from early career (undergraduate to post-doctoral) marine scientists (the ‘mentees’) and share their knowledge, insights and perspectives.

Interested volunteers should:

Details on the Programme

A list of mentors will be included in the EuroMarine directory (showing e.g. research topics, position, expertise, interests). The mentees will choose from a list of mentors with whom they would like to interact and then send a mentoring request to mentorshipateuromarinenetwork [dot] eu. The OYSTER group will pass on genuine requests to mentors, who will be free to only accept requests from mentees they believe they have the time and capacity to assist. A mentor can withdraw at any time.

This program is expected to increase the interactions among different European organisations and people as well as to contribute to the strategic plans defined by the EuroMarine Network, particularly providing expertise and transferring knowledge. 

For further details on this Mentorship initiative, please refer to:

Do not hesitate to e-mail OYSTER for any further information.