EuroMarine 2014 Call for ProposalsInternal

Call Overview

Call Category: Proposals
Managing Body: EuroMarine, EuroMarine Steering Committee
Contact: EuroMarine Secretariat
Email: secretariat [at]
Opening: July 24, 2014
Closing: September 25, 2014
Outcome: November 4, 2014


This first EuroMarine call was open to multiple categories of activities and multiple topics (see below the text of the call, the application form and instructions therein).


  • Opening: 24 July 2014
  • Closing: 25 September 2014
  • Outcome (target date): 25 October 2014
  • Activities should be carried out in 2014 or 2015 

The outcome of EuroMarine 2014 call for proposals was announced to all proponents on 4 November, with some delay with respect to the initial target of 25 October.

EuroMarine members submitted 49 proposals requesting co- or full funding for:

  • 11 foresight workshops (FWS)
  • 13 workshops (WS)
  • 8 working group meetings (WGM)
  • 4 conferences (Conference)
  • 8 courses (Course)
  • 5 other miscellaneous activities.

Each proposal was reviewed by randomly chosen Steering Committee members and (in the case of the 11 most proposals requesting highest funding) by six external reviewers; there were 7.3 reviews per proposal in average, and never less than 4.

In selecting successful proposals, the Steering Committee strictly stuck to the ranking resulting from the review process (after the aggregation of three scores for: the intrinsic 'scientific' value of the proposal; its adequacy with EuroMarine priorities as reflected in the text of the call; and the solidity of the budget and request to EuroMarine), except in two cases (marginally affecting the budget; determined by strategic and/or geographical balance considerations).

By definition, each proposal involved several EuroMarine Member Organisations; statistics on the distribution of funds among members or countries are therefore questionable. However, the Chairs checked the balance of the distribution of funds by only considering as beneficiaries the organisations in charge of managing the finances of each activity (one organisation per proposal), also taking into account the number of proposals submitted by each Member Organisation or country, and their respective contribution to the overall budget).

In an attempt to raise the number of successful proposals, the Steering Committee decreased the amount granted (compared to the requested one) in 10 cases (most often following reviewers recommendations). The budget of the call was also increased from 165 to 188 k€. As a result, 18 proposals could be funded.

A document listing the 18 successful activities (plus one funded outside the call) is available below. An online version of the list can be obtained through the Activities menu (using appropriate filters).

The 2014 call was conducted under strong time constraints, and represents a first experience. The EuroMarine Steering Committee (during its Feb. 2015 meeting) will draw on this experience and on reviewers' and proponents' comments to improve both the terms of the 2015 call (notably concerning eligibility) and procedures (which should remain "light" and proportionate to the budget) for the submission and for the selection of successful proposals.