EuroMarine 2020 call for FWS and WG proposalsInternal

Call Overview

Call Category: Proposals
Managing Body: EuroMarine
Preannouncement: February 26, 2020
Opening: April 1, 2020
Closing: June 1, 2020
Outcome: November 3, 2020

 In 2020 EuroMarine organises three distinct, parallel calls: 

The general terms of these three calls have been preannounced on 27 February 2020.

Overview - Call for proposals for FWS and WG

The eligible categories of activities that will be funded in 2020 are limited to:

  • Foresight Workshops ('horizon scanning', FWS) – maximum funding: 7,500 €
  • EuroMarine Working Groups (WG) addressing strategic services or issues and reinforcing the network – maximum funding: 5,000 €

In order to be eligible, FWS proposals should have a real foresight dimension and target a publication. While the call is open to any FWS topics, the Steering Committee would welcome proposals that: address EuroMarine priorities, as defined in EuroMarine's 2018 publication Ocean Frontiers for Sustainable Development Manifestoare relevant to the UN Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development (2021-30) in general and particularly to the interdependences of Sustainable Development Goals (as pointed out in the GSDR 2019 report). 

Proposals should involve at least three 2020 Full (paying) Member Organisations of EuroMarine, from at least two different countries. (Please refer to the provisional 2020 membership list and the corresponding list of General Assembly representatives, both attached to the present call, and do not hesitate to contact secretariatateuromarinenetwork [dot] eu for any contact information).

Activities should in principle be carried out in 2021 and any exemption should be justified in the proposal.

The two sets of proposals corresponding to the above two categories will be reviewed separately using specific criteria and specific pools of EuroMarine referees. The EuroMarine Steering Committee will make final decisions.

How to submit a proposal

Documents and links relevant to the present call are provided at the bottom of this page.

Please refer to the full text of the call and to the terms and conditions of funding for details on eligibility criteria, eligible costs and constraints linked to funding.

Please refer to the other supporting documents or links to check out EuroMarine priorities or to find potential co-organising EuroMarine partners.

To submit a proposal, please fill in and return the application form (using either the Word or the Open Office template) following instructions therein.


  • 27 February: Preannouncement of the call
  • 1 April: Publication of the call
  • 1 June (included): Deadline for FWS and WG proposal submission
  • June - Sept.: Review process
  • Oct.-Nov.: SC meeting where funding decisions will be made
  • Nov. 15th (at the latest): Notification of the results to applicants
  • The outcome will be made public when all leaders of funded proposals will have confirmed they accept funds (and the possible conditions set by the SC)  

Selection process

The two sets of proposals corresponding to the above two categories will be reviewed separately using specific criteria and specific pools of referees (EuroMarine volunteers).

The EuroMarine Steering Committee will be in charge of the final selection and moderation to ensure a balance of disciplines and topics within the available budget.

Notification and publication of outcome - Participation in funded activities

All proposers will receive a notification by the announced deadline and the outcome will be posted on the EuroMarine website once proposers will have confirmed their acceptance of EuroMarine funds.

Activities funded by EuroMarine are open (within budgetary and logistic constraints) to EuroMarine members (beyond those identified by the proposers at proposal stage).

Each of the activities funded by EuroMarine will be described on a specific webpage on the EuroMarine website and will be announced in a timely manner on the EuroMarine mailing list so that EuroMarine members can apply to participate. EuroMarine members can refer to the online the list of all future EuroMarine activities, which includes all future funded scientific activities and will include activities funded under the present call after the outcome publication date. 

The response rate to the call was significantly impacted by the covid-19 crisis and uncertainties concerning travel and physical meetings. Only nine proposals were received for 8 FWS and 1 WG, for a total requested funding amounting to €64,986. As a comparison, 19 proposals were submitted in 2019, and 49 in 2014 (a maximum reached when the amounts granted to each proposal were twice or more the current ones).

The SC consequently decided to simplify the review process (while keeping the same stringent criteria concerning the number or reviews per proposal, the handling of conflicts of interest, etc.): in 2020, this process relied on SC members, rather than on the usual pool of (approx.) 60 reviewers from Full Member organisations.

The reviews were anonymised and aggregated by the Secretariat. During its 02/10/2020 meeting, the SC moderated the outcome of the reviews based on detailed summary tables, going back to proposals when deemed necessary. The summary tables notably showed for each proposal: the average ‘Intrinsic value’, ‘Strategic importance’ and overall scores; the resulting ranking; ’private’ comments from reviewers and the distribution of their scores; key pieces of information extracted from the proposals; a visual cue for the degree of disagreement among reviewers. The SC discussed in details the case of 5 FWS proposals for which reviewers disagreed or had pointed out problems.

At the end of the moderation process, the SC decided to fund the single WG proposal; to fund 5 FWS proposals; to condition funding of two other FWS proposals to the submission and re-examination by the SC of revised proposals and/or list of participants; not to fund the last-ranked FWS proposal. The final budget call then amounted to €57,500 for 8 proposals.

In the covid-19 context, the formal acceptance of funds by successful applicants was delayed. One of the conditionally funded projects ended up being cancelled by the proposers on 10/12/2020 (due to the sanitary context), which brought down the final call budget to €50,000 for proposals.

For details on the funded activities, please refer to the attached list of scientific activities funded in 2020 or the online list of activities funded after the 2020 call for FWS & WGs.

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