Online survey on coral reef fish perception

Call Overview

Call Category: Participation in surveys

Contact: Nicolas Mouquet
Email: Nicolas.mouquet [at]
Opening: February 18, 2019
Closing: May 1, 2019

MARBEC laboratory, in collaboration with CNRS and IRD, are coordinating a (picture-based) scientific survey on the relationship between visual perception of coral reef fish and biodiversity. Please help the survey coordinators to help the target audience (over 10,000 participants) by taking the survey and spreading the word around you.

In the survey, pairs of tropical reef fishes will be presented. For each of them, you must choose the one you find the most beautiful.

The survey (open to anyone, children included) should only take a few minutes to complete. All answers are anonymous.

More details on the survey can be found by downloading the press release (PDF) below.

The survey will be open until May 2019.

To begin the survey, please click the link below.