Joint EuroMarine-EMBRC 2020 call for proposalsInternal

offering access to EMBRC services to early career marine researchers

Call Overview

Call Category: Proposals, Mobility
Managing Body: EuroMarine
Contact: EMBRC access manager / EuroMarine Secretariat (see below)
Preannouncement: February 27, 2020
Opening: March 4, 2020
Closing: April 19, 2020
Outcome: July 1, 2022

In 2020, EuroMarine and EMBRC jointly launch a new call offering access to EMBRC services to early career researchers affiliated with a EuroMarine member organisation. 

Covid 19 crisis note: The review process has been delayed and access to EMBRC facilities is anyway not possible in the nearest future. Selected projects will get supported, even if the service provision period needs to be extended. Visits will be rescheduled when necessary.
1 July update: the feasibility and cost assessment of proposals by EMBRC nodes is still underway. The tentative date for the finalisation of the review process has therefore been postponed form June 30th to July 8th. Applicants will in any case be notfied of the outcome of the call by email as soon as the selection process will have been completed. As a reminder, the review process is a two-step one: (1) scientific assessment within EuroMarine; (2) feasibility and cost assessment within EMBRC.
Applicants can however be already informed that budget-wise EMBRC should be in a position to fund most, if not all, proposals that have been submitted (provided they match the scientific quality and feasibility criteria). 

Note for successful applicants: The visits and services awarded under this call will be honoured until July 2022. Please be in touch with the local access officer of the EMBRC partner you have selected as soon as possible to define a date of access to the institute or to perform your project by remote access (delivery of marine organisms or analyzed samples, etc.).


EMBRC offers 50 k€ worth of services to 10 EuroMarine early career scientists (as defined by the EuroMarine OYSTER (early career scientists) group, i.e., PhD students or researchers within 5 years of their PhD degree. Applicants must belong to an organisation that is a 2020 member of EuroMarine. Each successful applicant will benefit up to 5 k€.

Grants cover the cost of EMBRC services. They do not cover travel and stay expenses, which successful applicants will have to cover separately.

Applications will be pre-selected and ranked on the basis of their description of the research project to which the targeted EMBRC services will contribute, considering its intrinsic scientific value, its novelty and its relevance to the general scientific strategy of EuroMarine, as outlined in the EuroMarine Ocean Frontier manifesto.

In a second step, the feasibility and cost of services envisioned in the pre-selected proposals will be assessed, after which a final selection of ten successful proposals will be made.

Proposals must involve mobility on the part of the young researchers, who must visit at least one EMBRC facility located outside the country they are based in.

The targeted EMBRC services must be used by the end of 2020.

Timeline, application, contact

  • 27 Feb. 2020: Preannouncement of the call
  • 4 March 2020:  Publication of the call
  • 19 April 2020: Deadline for proposal submission
  • 20 Apr.-3 May 2020: Pre-selection
  • 4-15 May:  Feasibility assessment and costing; notification of outcome
  • Second half of 2020: Research visit / Service provisioning
  • The new deadline for completing the projects is July 2022

For details please refer to the attached call text.

Before applying, please explore the EMBRC services at (please be aware that the EMBRC database might be updated in the coming days).

To apply please use the call online submission form. (This is a Google form; you'll have to sign in under a Google account as the form contains some file upload fields; you'll be able to modify your entries after completing sections and the whole form.)

Questions concerning EMBRC services should be addressed to accessatembrc [dot] eu.

Questions concerning the EuroMarine 2020 membership should be addressed to secretariatateuromarinenetwork [dot] eu.


EuroMarine is pleased to announce that over €52,000 worth of services have been awarded to 11 successful applicants of the Joint EuroMarine-EMBRC Call.

The receipients are all early career researchers belonging to EuroMarine member organisations and these grants will cover the costs of their respective chosen EMBRC research service. Each of the successful applicants were deemed to have submitted proposals demonstrating intrinsic scientific value, novelty and relevance to the general scientific strategy of EuroMarine, as outlined in the EuroMarine Ocean Frontier manifesto.

Covid 19 crisis note for successful applicants: The visits and services awarded under this call will be honoured even if they must be postponed (including in 2021) and if other adjustments to the initial plan must be made. You are however invited to visit your targeted EMBRC-node as soon as travel restrictions in effect in your organisation and country, as well as those applying to the EMBRC node you must visit, will allow. EMBRC is currently looking into the possibility of organising something remotely for those of you who would not be able to travel at all.

Summary of the Joint EuroMarine-EMBRC Call Awardees
Recipient Position Home Institution EMBRC Access Providing Institution Research Proposal Title

Chiara Conte



Investigating Posidonia oceanica microbial associated communities in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea: adding a piece to the Posidonia oceanica holobiont assessment


Isabel Casal Porras PhD UCA CCMAR


Evaluation of carbon stocks in the seagrass Zostera noltei: antropogenic pression, contribution to climate change, and economic impact


Jana Efremova PhD SZN SBR


Sponges as Fertilizing agents in Ocean Acidified Systems


Andreia T. Pereira PhD CESAM - UAVR SBR


Harbour porpoise (Phocoena phocoena) feeding ecology in Portuguese waters


Duarte Frade PhD CCMAR ICM


Evolution of salt tolerance in Halophytic aquatic plants from the Mediterranean


Elisa Banchi Postdoc OGS SBR


Water-sediment interface ecosystem in the Venice lagoon: an integrated approach


Alina Madita Wieczorek Postdoc MI IMEV


An investigation into Mesopelagics, Zooplankton and Microplastics


Laura Criminna PhD CoNISMa CCMAR


Effect of a sustainable feed on growth and quality of sea cucumber Holothuria arguinensis


Lucía Soliño Alonso (1) Postdoc CCMAR



Study of toxicity markers and role of associated bacterial in toxic production by different strains of the harmful microalgae Ostreopsis cf. ovata


Sofia Ramalho Postdoc CESAM - UAVR UGENT


Macrofaunal nematode diversity and connectivity in areas targeted for deep-sea mining 


Ivana Buselic Garber Postdoc IOF HCMR-IMBBC


Transcriptomic approach to enhanced sustainability in finfish aquaculture


(1): had to cancel her research project (delays in access / provision of services not compatible with a future change of position)

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March 23, 2020 - News - Update or Reminder - Covid 19 and joint EuroMarine - EMBRC call