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Contact Information

Postal address:
Pg. Marítim de la Barceloneta, 37-49
Institut de Ciències del Mar (CSIC)
8003 Barcelona Barcelona
E-mail: berdalet [at]
Phone: +34 93 230 95 00

Expertise and Research Interest

Broad categories of scientific disciplines / fields:
Physics and climate of the Ocean, Changing Ocean, Marine Biogeochemistry, Marine Biology, Marine Ecology, Marine Ecosystems functioning, Coastal Systems
Other categories (tools, transverse expertise, possible domains of EuroMarine services or activities....):
Science, Training / Capacity Building, Networking, Scientific Project Management, Infrastructures, Marine policies / Science-governance interface, Interdisciplinarity
Phytoplankton ecology and physiology, Harmful Algal Blooms (HABs), Physical-biological Interactions in marine ecosystems at small and mesoscales, Microplankton physiology, Biochemical indicators of the physiological state of microplankton (bacteria, phytoplankton, microzooplankton, fish larvae, fish tissues), Biogeochemical cycles (Carbon, Phosphorus, DMSP)