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Contact Information

Postal address:
Nijenborgh 7
Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, GELIFES - Groningen Institute for Evolutionary Life Sciences
9747 AG Groningen
E-mail: j.l.olsen [at]
Phone: +31 50 363 2250

Expertise and Research Interest

Broad categories of scientific disciplines / fields:
Marine Biology, Marine Biodiversity, Marine Ecology, Marine Ecosystems functioning, Marine Bio-resources, Coastal Systems
Other categories (tools, transverse expertise, possible domains of EuroMarine services or activities....):
Science, Training / Capacity Building, Mobility, Networking, Scientific Project Management, Infrastructures, High-throughput approaches, Interdisciplinarity
Molecular population genetics/genomics and phylogeography of marine algae, seagrasses, fish and assorted invertebrates with emphasis on:, 1) population-level processes that affect genetic and spatial structure, the genetic basis for adaptation (adaptive population divergence), and historical demography (statistical phylogeography), 2) hybrid zones and speciation in fucoid seaweeds, 3) invasion biology, 4) biodiversity and marine protected areas, especially with respect to seagrass ecosystems, genomics, population genetics, phylogeography, phylogenetics, ecology, conservation, invasions, biodiversity, algae (phytoplankton and seaweeds), seagrasses, marine invertebrates, flatfish, elasmobranchs