Member Individual

Contact Information

Postal address:
Charlottenlund slot, Jægersborg Alle 1
Technical University of Denmark
2920 Charlottenlund
E-mail: pat [at]
Phone: +45 35 88 33 53

Expertise and Research Interest

Broad categories of scientific disciplines / fields:
Physics and climate of the Ocean, Marine Biogeochemistry, Marine Biology, Marine Ecology, Marine Ecosystems functioning, Fisheries and Aquaculture, Coastal Systems
Other categories (tools, transverse expertise, possible domains of EuroMarine services or activities....):
Science, Training / Capacity Building, Knowledge Transfer, Networking, Scientific Project Management, Expertise, Modelling, Interdisciplinarity
Ecological Modelling, Biodiversity, Biogeochemistry, Fish Ecology, Behaviour, physical biological coupling, numerical modeling, plankton, population dynamics, adaptive behavior, migrations