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Contact Information

Postal address:
Kristineberg 566
University of Gothenburg
45178 Fiskebäckskil
E-mail: [at]
Phone: +46 31 786 95 31

Expertise and Research Interest

Broad categories of scientific disciplines / fields:
Changing Ocean, Marine Biology, Marine Biodiversity, Marine Ecology, Marine Ecosystems functioning, Coastal Systems, Ecosystem Services
Other categories (tools, transverse expertise, possible domains of EuroMarine services or activities....):
Science, Training / Capacity Building, Mobility, Communication, Knowledge Transfer, Networking, Scientific Project Management, Infrastructures, Marine policies / Science-governance interface, Interdisciplinarity
Marine biologist specialized in eco-physiology working on:, 1) the impact of global (ocean warming, acidification, etc.) and local (toxicants, etc.) on marine species and ecosystems, 2) stem cell and regeneration biology and tissue engineering using marine invertebrates and –omics tools, 3) development, implementation and evaluation of new educational and outreach tools, including ICTs, physiology, invertebrates, development, climate change, ocean acidification, food security, ocean literacy, ocean and human health, regeneration, stem cells, polarity, nervous system, genomics, transcriptomics, communication, education, ICT