15 Mar 2023

ESSAS is holding their annual science meeting on “Ecological, social and economic dynamics of high-latitude coastal systems". This event will be held both in-person, in Bergen, Norway, and online on June 20-22. There will be a workshop on the 19th of June. The aim of this meeting is to discuss developments of new methods in monitoring chemical oceanography, physiology, ecology, and statistics.

You can now submit your abstract on one of the four sessions or workshop that the meeting will be covering. The topics include:

  • Session 1: Cooperative studies of coastal ecosystems engaging local communities in the sub-Arctic and Arctic.
  • Session 2: Natural disasters, multiple stressors and cumulative impacts along sub-arctic and arctic coasts.
  • Session 3: Blue Carbon, mariculture and climate change mitigation and adaptation in the Subarctic and Arctic.
  • Session 4: Cod and climate change at the coastal interface
  • Workshop: AnalogueART – Using natural analogues to investigate the effects of climate change on northern ecosystems; moving from gradient to mosaic approaches

Deadline: 15 March

Presenters will be notified by 15 April.