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E-mail: erik.bonsdorff [at]
website: Job posting
Deadline: November 30, 2018

Åbo Akademi University is opening a position as Associate Professor or Professor in Marine and Aquatic Research within the tenure-track career system, starting August 1st 2019 (or as agreed). The position will be placed in Åbo (Turku), Finland.

The holder of the position shall conduct scientific research and research-based teaching. Applicants are expected to have solid skills in quantitative aspects and numerical / mathematical modeling of marine biological, ecological, oceanographic (physicochemical) and / or biogeochemical properties. The main focus is on the Baltic Sea and its coastal and catchment areas. In addition, the appointee must participate in research-based education consistent with the education provided by the subject of environmental and marine biology. The tasks further include participation in the development of the faculty's research and teaching activities, procurement of research funds, participation in national and international cooperation within the research field, as well as actively conducting outreach and interacting with the surrounding society.

The position will complement existing research in marine biology and multidisciplinary research of the sea through numerical modeling of marine phenomena and processes, including environmental issues. Experience of interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary activities, as well as active communication with the surrounding community is preferred.

For further requirements and details, please refer to the linked job posting.