24 Nov 2022

The Atlantic Meridional Transect expedition (AMT) is one of AtlantECO's six flagships that augment genomics and imaging observations of the ocean microbiome in the Atlantic. The AMT has one berth space available for an early stage scientist to join the next expedition in February-March 2023 and conduct key AtlantECO genomics protocols on board the RRS Discovery.

This is a great opportunity to join a unique multidisciplinary research programme with over 20 years of open ocean observations along and across the Atlantic Ocean (45°N-45°S), including the (rarely sampled) north and south Atlantic gyres https://www.amt-uk.org/ .

Applicants should preferably have some experience with size-fractionated filtration of seawater using large (142 mm diam.) fiters, or be available for a short training in one of AtlantECO's partner labs in Europe, South Africa or Brazil.

Complete application via the form below.