09 May 2022

Deadline 18 July 2022

Special Issue Call for Papers: ‘Assessing social change and ranking outcomes in support of Ecosystem-based Management: Regime shifts, nonlinearities, and ecosystem status’

The journal of Marine Policy is inviting contributions on (but not limited to) the following:

• Do ecological regime shifts and threshold effects propagate through the social system, and/or vice-versa?

• How should we rank multidimensional outcomes in a meaningful manner for management purposes?

• How can social tipping points and trade-off analysis be operationalized in the context of Management Strategy Evaluations?

• What theoretical or empirical guidance exists for multivariate techniques to collapse the dimensionality of a problem, and/or when should this simplification be avoided?

• How sensitive are social indicators and analyses to issues of scale and/or temporal frequency?

• What are best practices around the integration of qualitative data into indicator-based assessments?

For more inforamtion see the full call below.