31 Aug 2022

Deadline 14 October 2022

Contact: hbenway@whoi.edu

The Ocean Carbon and Biogeochemistry (OCB) Program is soliciting proposals for OCB activities that will take place or begin during the 2023 calendar year.

Proposals for OCB-relevant workshops and activities as follows:

  • Scoping workshops (~50-70 people) that bring together an appropriate body of expertise to foster discussions and build momentum within a specific OCB research area (previous OCB scoping workshops).
  • Working groups (~8-12 members) to address targeted science goals/questions and develop products that benefit and engage the broader OCB community (e.g., small “process teams” to improve OCB process understanding and parameterisation in earth system models).
  • Synthesis activities to bring together existing data sets, model outputs, etc. to support and inform future research efforts.
  • Intercomparison activities to assess and build consensus on best practices (methodological, modeling, data analysis, etc.) for advancing OCB-relevant research.
  • Training activities (~30-50 participants plus instructors as needed) to build capacity in different areas of OCB research.