04 May 2023

CEI·MAR is calling for those interested in teaching at the invitation of personnel from the universities of the CEI·MAR mobility consortium in the framework of official studies. The international mobility grants are within the framework of the Erasmus+ Programme to award financial grants to staff from companies, institutions, technological or research centers from the EU.

To apply:

Participants must fill out the online application form and attach the following documentation: a) CV of the invited personnel of the company or entity (maximum 4 pages). b) Planned mobility agenda (draft of the Mobility Program) that will have been designed jointly between the invited sataff and the staff of the university of the CEI-MAR mobility consortium in which the work plan of the stay will be included. c) Letter of acceptance/invitacion signed by the applicant (staff university of the CEI-MAR mobility consortium) and by the guest staff.