05 Dec 2022

The 2023 AQUACOSM-plus Transnational Access (TA) call is now open.

AQUACOSM-plus is an EU Research Infrastructure project, with more than 60 aquatic mesocosm facilities throughout Europe ranging from Sub-Arctic to the Mediterranean, from mountains to lowlands, from freshwater to marine, and from ultra-oligotrophic to hyper-eutrophic conditions, including benthic and pelagic systems.

The Transnational Access programme offers Funding to academic and industrial (including SMEs) research groups, individual scientists, experts, professionals and university students from all over the world (up to 20% non-Europeans and associated countries) to:

  • participate in mesocosm experiments that have been planned by the facility providers
  • propose own ideas for mesocosm experiments in the partner facilities in cooperation with the local team

Access is free of charge, and applications can be made individually or as a group.

More information on the TA application process and deadlines for individual calls at the respective facilities can be found via the link below.