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Update or reminder related to: EuroMarine 2016 Call for Candidates for Steering Committee positions

During its January 2016 meeting, the EuroMarine General Assembly (GA) elected two new Steering Committee (SC) members (whose term officially starts in July 2016, but whom were invited to participate in the Jan. 2016 SC meeting):

The next elections to renew the SC (up to three positions renewed yearly) will take place during EuroMarine 2017 GA meeting.

During its 29 Jan. meeting, the SC elected a new Chair (for a one-year term):

He succeeds to Steve HAWKINS (2015 SC Chair - UK - Soton - NOCS), whom the Consortium Chairs and SC members warmly thank for his decisive role and excellent chairing in the challenging context of EuroMarine launch.

In July 2016, two current SC members, whom should be thanked for their time and involvement to serve the EuroMarine community, will step down to leave the way to the newly elected SC members: