24 Nov 2022

This interdisciplinary conference is related to the research project; Valuing the past, sustaining the future. Education, local knowledge and identities across generations in coastal communities at Department of Education and Lifelong Learning, funded by Research Council Norway. The project is conducted by a team of interdisciplinary researchers from five countries and it is part of NTNU Oceans. The overall aim of the conference is to create a dialogue between different disciplines and research traditions related to the marine environment with the wish to provide a critical, renewed and deeper knowledge base about the shifting and dynamic interplay between education (non-formal and formal), society and working life, bridging past-present-future. Children and young people are a particular focus of investigation, but we believe a broad scope, and a contextual and relational perspective is fruitful as a source of knowledge to inform and critically renew policies and practices.

The conference welcomes contributions from different disciplines and fields such as (but not limited to) history, sociology, geography, anthropology, marine sciences, comparative literature, rural studies, gender studies, in addition to education and childhood and youth studies.

Abstact submission deadline: 8 December 2022

Conference registration deadline: 15 April 2023

Conference date: 15-16 June 2023

Location: Trondheim (Norway)