26 Sept 2022

A call is open for the award of 1 Research Grant (IB), to carry out work leading to a doctoral degree, under the SEA2SEE project "Innovative blockchain traceability technology and Stakeholders' Engagement strAtegy for boosting Sustainable sEafood visibility, socia lacceptance and consumption in Europe" (Grant Agreement Nr. 101060564), with financial support from the Horizon Europe program.

The PhD fellow will be part of a large and interdisciplinary team working on several tasks of the SEA2SEE Project based in the Algarve, Portugal. The work plan will include:

1. Review literature and carry out research to identify and analyse barriers and incentives to traceability in small-scale fisheries, including traceability in existing seafood certification practices, and the use of blockchain,

2. Pilot study to implement blockchain in a small-scale octopus fishery in the Algarve,

3. Carry out research to identify barriers and incentives for sustainable consumption, consumer behaviour towards seafood, traceability, etc.,

4. Carrying out interviews/surveys with seafood systems stakeholders (from producers to consumers) on the topics described above (1-3),

5. Analysis of social sciences data (including consumer data),

6. Prepare, organize and attend project meetings, workshops and interviews with relevant stakeholders in the seafood sector in Portugal and internationally,

7. Write progress reports, press release and newsfeeds (in English) tailored to different target audiences (twitter, project webpage), policy briefs, and scientific publication,

8. Be involved in designing and organizing the production of videos “a roadmap of your catch” (focused on seafood systems in the Algarve) and collecting material and designing the production of a booklet “guide to the Algarve traditional small-scale fishery”, focused on the Algarve octopus fishery and its cultural heritage.

For more information, please download the full announcement below.

  • Deadline : 3 October 2022