Deadline 27 February 2022.

EMB is looking for two enthusiastic, engaged and creative Young Ambassadors that are willing to play an important role in advocating for EMB and promoting the societal and political relevance of the marine natural sciences, marine social sciences, humanities, and the Ocean, within their own communities, and to a wide diversity of stakeholders.

The two new Ambassadors will collaborate and liaise with their current Ambassadors and recent Alumni to share experiences and ideas.

The EMB Young Ambassador Programme will:

  • Challenge you to use and showcase your talent to increase general awareness of the marine sciences and the role of EMB in its promotion;
  • Enable you to get involved and create momentum around the launch of one of EMB’s strategic publications or events;
  • Support you in promoting and communicating specific marine science foresight activities;
  • Enable you to interact directly with scientists and decision-makers from leading European marine science and policy organizations; and
  • Enable you to liaise with other Young Ambassadors and experts in diverse activities.

See the full description below.