31 Mar 2022

Application Deadline: 20 April 2022

IR Development of innovative 'Phytoplankton Functional Types' biogeochemicals in the Southern Ocean by machine learning.

The proposed CDD will take place at the Villefranche Oceanography Laboratory (LOV), in Villefranche sur Mer, in the Optical Marine Remote Sensing & Biogeochemical Applications team.

The main objectives of the candidate will be to develop an algorithm aimed at producing 3D fields of the composition of phytoplankton communities in the Southern Ocean. The algorithm will be based on a machine learning method (neural network) allowing to merge satellite observations of the surface ocean and hydrological properties in the column, used as input data. As output, the algorithm should produce the vertical distribution of different Phytoplankton Functional Types (PFTs), expressed in terms of pigment concentrations. The candidate will have to appropriate the digital tools (algorithms based on neural networks; Sauzède et al. JGR 2015 & JGR 2016) previously developed in the host team and adapt them to the objectives.