21 Feb 2023

This year’s EuroMarine Open Science Day and General Assembly was held in Lisbon, Portugal as a hybrid event from 1-2 February 2023. The Open Science Day welcomed multidisciplinary marine researchers to discuss: “How can the marine research community contribute to identifying and addressing the Scientific Knowledge Gaps to tackle the global ocean challenges?”

The day started with presentations from members outlining their work on EuroMarine funded activities. The network had the pleasure to hear from:

  • Juan Jose Vergara (University of Cadiz) presenting the EuroMarine Summer School 2023;
  • Mark Costellon (NORD) announcing the launch of the Marine Biodiversity Monitoring (MBON – Europe) working group;
  • Adelaide Ferrereira (MARE) who covered the Transoceanic, Transversal and Transformative International Ocean Programs;
  • Jamileh Javidpour (SDU) outlined invasive alien species and their regulation in Europe;
  • and cooperation between Early Career Researchers was covered by Daniel Ottmann (DTU-Aqua) and Pavanee Annasawy (UBO).

Later, the outcomes of EuroMarine’s 2022 activities were introduced

  • Irene Olive (SZN) addressed the people – seagrasses connectivity;
  • Neil Banas (University of Strathclyde) discussed the prediction of harmful algal blooms;
  • Marta Gledhill (GEOMAR) talked about the impact of trace metals in microbial metabolism;
  • Maria Protopapa (HCMR) discussed the use of biomarkers in zooplankton;
  • Maria Grazia Pennino (CSIC) introduced us to the advances in fisheries science;
  • and Celia Marras (CSIC) talked about the Past, present and future of a living Ocean.

The Scientific Session was divided into two parts; Scientific Knowledge and EU Mission Restore our Oceans and Waters.

Discussing Scientific Knowledge, Stefan Rahmstorf, (Postdam Institute for Climate Impact Research) Ana Queiros (Plymouth Marine Laboratory) Carlos Duarte (University King Abdullah) and Joao Canning-Clode (MARE) presented their research and joined for an enlightening roundtable discussion.

Elisabetta Balzi (European Commission DG-RTD) opened the Mission Ocean session by outlining the latest information on the programme. Presentations then followed from the coordinators of several projects funded under the Mission Work Programme: Natalia Martin Palenzuela (Ifremer – PREP4BLUE), Uros Novak (National Institute of Chemistry - REMEDIES), Anna Lillebo Batista (University of Aveiro A-AAGORA), Sergio Rossi (University of Salento – OCEAN CITIZEN) and Oivind Bergh (Institute of Marine Research - OLAMUR).

The day closed with a round table focusing on how the marine scientific community can tackle the Mission Ocean Challenges, and with the symbolic signature of the Mission Charter by EuroMarine’s Coordinators, Patrizio Mariani (DTU Aqua) and Isabella Sousa Pinto (CIIMAR).