16 May 2022

EuroMarine considers supporting capacity building for young scientists a key priority. Therefore, EuroMarine has launched its sixth Young Scientist Fellowship Programme, focused on financially supporting individual early career scientists from EuroMarine Member Organisations to participate in training courses, workshops or field work of their choice.

Fellowship Grant Description

A grant of up to €800 to contribute towards covering direct costs related to participation in a training event or field work. Eligible costs are participation fees, and travel & subsistence expenses. If total participation costs exceed the grant amount, successful applicants must cover the additional costs from other sources.

  • Call Opens: 16 May 2022
  • Deadline for Submissions: 30 June 2022, at 11:59 pm (CEST)
  • Results Announced: 15 July 2022

Activities - Eligibility Criteria

  • Training courses, workshops (including EuroMarine foresight workshops) in topics relevant to the EuroMarine domain or participation in field work or sampling campaigns.
  • Any type of course: on-site or e-learning/online courses.
  • There is no limit to the duration of the activity, but it must run and be completed between 15 July 2022 – 30 November 2023.

Applicants - Eligibility Criteria

  • Young scientists*: PhD students or individuals holding a post-doctorate position within 5 years of their PhD degree award (discounting any time spent on maternity, illness or similarly extensive non-holiday leave) at the time of call deadline are eligible for this funding. The young scientist must be a student or employee (under an employment contract or equivalent appointing act) of a EuroMarine full Member Organisation (having committed to pay its 2022 contribution to the EuroMarine budget) or an Invited Member from one of the following countries: Morocco, Peru, South Africa, Tunisia, or Turkey.
  • Only one application per individual per call. There is no limit on how many young scientists per organisation can apply but a maximum of three individuals from any one organisation can be awarded grants in any one call round.
  • Exceptionally this year, Ukrainian young scientists* in marine sciences who were last employed in a Ukrainian Research Institute within the last 16 months, fulfilling the requirements stated above are also welcome to apply.

Particular Considerations due to Covid-19

EuroMarine recognises that the Covid-19 pandemic continues to cause disruption in the scheduling of training courses and workshops relevant to this call. For this reason, the following considerations and exceptions will be made:

  • If an event due to take place in 2022 is postponed, a fellow who was due to attend will still be funded for the new date, provided it takes place before the end of 2023.
  • If an event is cancelled, or a postponement prevents a fellow’s planned attendance, they will be given the opportunity to find a relevant replacement course or workshop.
  • An important part of the Individual Fellowship Programme is the opportunity to interact with experts and peers. For this reason, the programme does not usually allow applicants to apply for online courses. However, due to the current situation, online training courses or workshops will also be allowed.

Application Process

Applications must be submitted by email to fellowships@euromarinenetwork.eu. All applications will receive a confirmation email acknowledging submission. If no response is received within 2 working days, please send a follow-up e-mail to confirm it was received.


If awarded a fellowship grant, individuals will be reimbursed after their participation in the course, provided submission of evidence of eligible expenses is provided. All reimbursements must be made to the individuals’ personal account. Every effort will be made to reimburse participants within 15 working days of submitting all requested evidence. A special request can be made to receive funds in advance, if well justified.

Background and Objectives of EuroMarine

EuroMarine is a European marine research network that funds scientific, foresight and training activities, and fosters new services relevant to the marine research community in cooperation with other organisations and projects. With limited funding, EuroMarine has supported over 86 scientific, foresight and training activities involving over 2,500 scientists and stakeholders to share, collaborate and collectively push boundaries within marine science in the past six years.

Application Requirements

1) Applicants must write an application letter (no more than 1.5 A4 pages) justifying why they should receive funding to attend their targeted training course, workshop, field work or sampling campaign. The letter should cover the following aspects: a. How the activity relates to and supports you in your marine research career; b. How your participation is in line with EuroMarine objectives (this does not apply to Ukrainians participants);

c. How you will recognise and promote the fact that EuroMarine helped fund your participation; and d. How you will share knowledge with colleagues in your own institution about your experience.

2) Applicants must complete and sign a declaration form (see below). Please note: a. Applicants are required to contact their EuroMarine Member Organisation representative to approve their application prior to submission and have their supervisor/manager or EuroMarine Member Organisation representative countersign the declaration. b. Ukrainian participants are required to contact their scientific supervisor to approve their application prior to submission and have their supervisor countersign the declaration. c. A scanned copy of the signed declaration form should be attached to the application email.

Funding is conditional on acceptance to and participation in the activity. Funds will be reimbursed once the requested evidence has been approved. Should funds be advanced and if for whatever reason you do not participate in the course, you are required to pay back the grant. To ensure applications can be processed and validated, the following is required:

  • If already registered, proof of acceptance (a copy of a confirmation email from the organiser is acceptable);
  • If awaiting news of successfully securing a place, a copy of your application or a receipt of your application; or
  • If applications have not yet opened, please state that fact.

Fellowship Programme Applicant Assessment and Selection

Applications will be assessed by the Orienting Young Scientists of EuroMarine Working Group (OYSTER). At least three reviewers will assess each application. Each submitted application will undergo a pre-assessment to ensure eligibility (validating that the application is from a young scientist (PhD student or post-doc within 5 years of PhD degree award, discounting any time spent on maternity, illness or similarly extensive non-holiday leave) of a full EuroMarine member or invited member from one of the previously listed countries; checking if the applicant has submitted only one application in the current call round; validating whether the selected activity runs between the eligible dates and ensuring the fully signed declaration form is included.

Evaluators will be assigned ensuring no conflict of interests. Applications will then be assessed using the following criteria:

  1. How the applicant has justified how the activity will further improve their career.
  2. How the applicant has justified their participation in terms of how it is relevant and contributes to the objectives of the EuroMarine network (this does not apply to Ukrainians participants).
  3. How the applicant will promote the fact that EuroMarine has supported their participation.
  4. How the applicant will share the acquired knowledge with colleagues in their own institution.

Each criterion will be scored out of five, with half marks possible. The maximum possible mark is 20. Applications will be ranked in order of score and funding will be allocated from the top score down until all funds are exhausted for any given call round. A maximum of three applicants from any one organisation can be funded per call round. Once that limit is reached, the remaining applications are eliminated regardless of ranking position. The number of fellowships funded each year depends on the results of the application review process and the availability of funding. Based on current funding, this year EuroMarine expects to fund about 20 grants. Results will be announced on 15 July 2022.

Potential Training Courses

Information on some relevant training courses, summer schools and workshops can be found on the EuroMarine website using the appropriate filters under the Activities menu. Please note that other training courses and workshops are eligible for EuroMarine grant funding too, if the topic is relevant. Further courses can also be found on www.marinetraining.eu. Information on the EuroMarine Member Organisations and their representatives, and further details on the call can also be found under the call webpage.

Engagement Conditions

1. After the completion of the funded activity, each successful applicant must: a) submit a short feedback report (in the form of an online survey); b) provide evidence of participation (e.g. a participation certificate or confirmation email from organiser); and c) provide a summary of costs incurred to participate and evidence of costs to receive reimbursement (participation fees, travel and subsistence costs such as receipts, train tickets, boarding pass etc.). 2. All selected training fellows are expected to contribute to the building of the success of the Fellowship Programme by communicating the outcomes of the training with the EuroMarine OYSTER group. 3. Only the applicant may benefit from the funding. In case an already funded participant does not get accepted by course organisers, the full grant must be returned.

Further Information

For further information, or if you have any queries in relation to the fellowship programme, please contact: fellowships@euromarinenetwork.eu.