02 May 2024

Contact: CSIC

The European Commission (EC) launched a study within the scope of the Mission “Restore Our Ocean and Waters by 2030” to address challenges and propose sound and feasible options for strengthening marine biodiversity monitoring in Europe.

As part of this initiative, a survey was launched to collect information on marine biodiversity data pathways, in terms of strengths and weaknesses from data experts. This survey is complementing the Overview on pathways for marine biodiversity monitoring data reporting task in the framework of the study.

This survey will feed into tasks on the performance of pathways and their critical analysis. In detail, the survey in the framework of Task 4 Overview on pathways for marine biodiversity monitoring data reporting is supporting the development of the Deliverable- Report on the pathways for marine biodiversity data reporting.

Please follow the links below for more information on the study and to fill out the survey!


Understanding and assessing marine environmental status requires scientifically sound assessments based on quantitative monitoring of marine biodiversity. While the EU has some of the most monitored seas on the planet, inconsistencies in monitoring programmes, methodologies, and data quality and coverage represent a hindrance to informed policy decisions. It is therefore crucial to improve and harmonise the monitoring of marine biodiversity across Europe.

In this context, the European Commission, at the initiative of the Joint Research Centre, has launched an activity to address these inconsistencies and develop recommendations to improve and strengthen marine biodiversity monitoring across European marine waters.