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Contact: Fabrice Not
E-mail: not [at]

Registration for the Marine Holobionts Workshop is now open. The event, taking place in March 2018, has an application deadline of 15 January 2018. Participation is free of charge (funds are provided by Euromarine network and Sorbonne Universités) but available places are limited.

There are few examples of research groups that bridge the gap between (1) the functional interdependencies of a host and its symbionts, (2) the impact these interdependencies have on the functioning of an ecosystem, and (3) the role of evolution and ecosystem in shaping these interdepencies. This workshop aims at bringing together a small group of experts and motivated early stage researchers working on different holobiont systems (micro, macro, plant, animal, viruses), at different scales (molecular to ecosystem), using different approaches (e.g. modeling, chemistry, microfluidics to genomics) to discuss key questions, opportunities and challenges in further integrating the holobiont concept into marine sciences.