MATES Maritime Technologies Skills Strategy – Open for FeedbackExternal

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E-mail: mates [at]
Deadline: November 30, 2021

The MATES Maritime Technologies Skills Strategy for the shipbuilding and offshore renewable energy sectors was unveiled at a participatory workshop on 29 September 2021.

The objective of the Skills Strategy is to show how the identified skills gaps in the maritime technology sectors can be bridged and to anticipate future skills gaps. The Skills Strategy is a culmination of almost four years research with stakeholder input gathered from ongoing engagement carried out by the MATES partnership. With a list of 32 key recommendations, insights and trends, the Skills Strategy encompasses the quadruple helix in the European maritime technologies sector. The workshop, which was attended by 75 participants, provided an opportunity for key stakeholders to provide feedback on the Skills Strategy and validate the work done to date.

The partnership is now distributing the MATES Maritime Technologies Skills Strategy to other key stakeholders. This is to allow them to contribute to the development of the final Skills Strategy and ensure that feedback from all representative groups is taken into consideration.

If you would like to provide feedback and comments on the report please contact matesatcetmar [dot] org by 30 November 2021.