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New book by Philippe Cury & Daniel Pauly

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Philippe Cury (IRD, EuroMarine former co-Chair) and Daniel Pauly (University of British Columbia; leader of the Sea Around Us project) have just published Obstinate Nature (Odile Jacob Publishing).

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“A system is viable only if it combines speed and slowness,” write Philippe Cury and Daniel Pauly. “Nature’s cycles tell us that viability requires a combination of these dynamics—fast and slow, innovation and inertia.”

Obstinate Nature is centrally concerned with the imbalance in those dynamics that currently threatens our planet, our environment, and our survival. Since our emergence as a species, Homo sapiens has overridden the slow and cyclical natural order in the ceaseless pursuit of faster everything: population growth, territorial expansion, food cultivation, and technological development.

Now, as climate change and declining resources push us ever closer to the brink of collapse, the true test of a sustainable future will be whether we can reconcile our perpetual thirst for linear acceleration with the painstaking natural cycles that allowed us to exist in the first place.

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