19 May 2021

The EuroMarine early career researcher (ECR) group OYSTER will be running a virtual booth at the Virtual Early Career Ocean Professional (VECOP) event, a 24 hour livestream that will feature ECRs from around the world and different ocean disciplines and will take place June 1-2, 2021. Sponsored by international organisations including the European Commission and the UN Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development, this event will provide an invaluable and unique opportunity for ECRs in ocean sciences to make their voices heard and demonstrate the important role they have to play in the future of our blue planet.

Our OYSTER members will be running a virtual booth at which they will have three posters highlighting their work over the past years. These posters are available to view here as well, and cover their findings on motivations and challenges facing marine ECRs, the impact of Covid-19 on marine ECRs and a narrative describing OYSTER's experience in setting up an ECR network. Their booth will also be running a video describing the OYSTER Mentorship Programme, a recently launched initiative that aims to provide often-overlooked guidance to ECRs from volunteer EuroMarine members.

Be sure to so you may watch the livestream and visit the OYSTER booth!

To learn more about OYSTER and the various activities they are undertaking, please visit their page.