13 Jul 2021

The University of Gdańsk (Poland) are seeking doctoral candidates for the project "Transport via ocean currents of human pharmaceutical products and their impact on marine biota in the European Arctic" (acronym PHARMARINE) co-funded under the Norway Grants 2014-2021.

The main objective of her/his work will be to assess the impact of pharmaceuticals used in human therapy on marine fauna inhabiting the European part of the Arctic. In a series of laboratory experiments, animal responses to the presence of selected pharmaceuticals will be investigated using multi-marker analysis based on measurement of specific biomarkers at different levels of biological organization (from genes and cells to physiological aspects).

Work in the project will include participation in the following tasks: desk-top studies (data gathering about concentration of pharmaceuticals in biotic and abiotic matrices, cause-and-effect relationship between pharmaceuticals and their biological effect, etc.); planning, preparing and carrying out pilot exposure experiments with selected pharmaceuticals and Baltic fauna; planning, preparing and performing exposure experiments under Arctic conditions; participation in the cruises to collect Baltic and Arctic organisms for experimental studies; quantitative and qualitative determination of selected biomarker responses in animal tissues (various markers of genotoxicity, cytotoxicity, neurotoxicity, general toxicity, physiology and health status); statistical analyses; an assessment of the drug impact on the Arctic environment; writing manuscripts and scientific publications; participation in conferences and other activities aimed at promoting the project.

For more information on the opportunity, please download the full announcement via the link below.