PhD on genetic population structure of Baltic Sea eelgrass External

University of Gothenburg (Sweden)

News Overview

E-mail: marlene.jahnke [at]
Deadline: May 9, 2021

University of Gothenburg are seeking PhD candidates to work on the new research project funded by the research council FORMAS “Genetic population structure of Baltic Sea eelgrass - urgent information for conservation of a foundation species under climate change”.

The candidate should have a  background in population genetics/genomics to pursue PhD studies in Marine Sciences. The PhD project will focus on population genomic assessments of a seagrass in the Baltic Sea to provide a baseline for future temporal conservation genetic monitoring of eelgrass in Sweden. Investigating into local adaptation, genetic demographic modelling and species distribution modelling can then help to address persistence and adaptation potential under predicted climate change. The research project itself is very collaborative and will involve collaboration with international and Swedish researchers.

This position is placed at the Tjärnö Marine Laboratory, a work place on an island on the Swedish west coast, approx 2 hours North of Gothenburg (

For more information on the position please visit the full announcement via the link below.