PhD Grant: SeafoodTomorrow - Development of (genetic) molecular methods to detect food fraud and food integrityExternal

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Contact: Bart Sonck
E-mail: Bart.Sonck [at]
website: Seafood Tomorrow Grant PDF
Deadline: June 30, 2018

The SEAFOODTOMORROW project, a new three-year project under the Horizon 2020 funding programme, has a PhD funding opportunity available. It offers the selected PhD candidate the chance to become an expert in food fraud detection and food integrity with respect to different marine (seafood) species, from basic scientific developments to real market applications.

Fish fraud, which has become an increasingly important issue, can be detected via genetic and other molecular methods. However, standardization of methods and markers is necessary, and technologies need to be developed to allow for a fast and uniform identification process in the real world. The tasks of the successful applicant will include setting up methods for marine species identification, setting up a reference DNA database for the EU list of seafood species, as well as developing advanced technologies to perform species identification.

To be eligible, candidates must have recently obtained a Masters degree in a relevant field, as well as having a strong knowledge of, and interest in, marine biotech and food science.