Deadline: 13 Jun 2024

Published: 11 Jun 2024

A PhD studentship opportunity is open in "Earth observation and modelling of ocean carbon removal” at the University of Trieste in collaboration with the National Institute of Oceanography and Applied Geophysics - OGS. Apply by the 13th of June 2024.

The PhD project (scholarship D11) aim is to improve our understanding of ocean-based carbon dioxide capture and sequestration by combining physical-biogeochemical models and new earth observations with focus on the Mediterranean Sea.

Programme Description:

The PhD project encompasses the three disciplines of Earth Science, Fluid Dynamics and Mathematics, which have strong interactions especially in the methodologies of analysis that are developed in the three research fields.

In the field of Earth Science, advanced investigation methods are developed in the geological, geophysical, atmospheric, oceanographic and climatological fields. Applications to the study of composition, structure, stratigraphy, evolution and dynamics of the planet are considered, with reference to the reduction of natural risks, the retrieval of geo-resources and the description of atmospheric processes and climate change.

In Fluid Dynamics, processes involving the study of the motion and properties of transport, diffusion, dispersion and mixing of fluids in environmental processes, as well as their interaction with solid elements, are addressed. The laws on which these disciplines are based are expressed through mathematical models of considerable complexity, the study of which requires the use of advanced analytical and numerical methods and represents a research field of great relevance.

Mathematics pervades the entire program, playing a central and unifying role.

Deadline for applications: 13 June 2024.