PhD on the optimization of mariculture cage systems used in the fish industryExternal

News Overview

Contact: Dr Johan Aerts
E-mail: Johan.aerts [at]
website: UGent website
Deadline: April 15, 2019

Ghent University, Departments of Biology and Engineering, are looking for a highly motivated candidate for carrying out PhD study on the optimization of aquaculture cage systems used in the fish industry.

The full title of the research topic is 'Neuro-endocrinology meets engineering: Optimization of fish cage systems with a focus on hydrodynamics using the fish’s HPI-axis as read-out in Mariculture'.

The PhD student will focus on how hydrodynamics of the cage system influence the acute and chronic stress level in fish, using carp (Cyprinus carpio) as a model, in particular in the part focusing on how a long-term elevation of plasma cortisol is reflected in scales, as biomarker for chronic stress. By varying/optimizing the hydrodynamics of the cage system, the PhD student will quantify these effects on the HPI-axis by analyzing acute and chronic stress parameters.

Applicants should send their full CV with cover letter (motivation), copy of degree(s), transcript of grades and a scanned copy of National Identity Document or Passport to Prof. Dr. Johan Aerts (Johan [dot] aertsatugent [dot] be).