17 Jun 2022

Deadline June 26

BlueAdapt, a new project funded by the Horizon Europe programme, attempts to provide an evidence base for innovation and action around coastal pathogens. It focuses on reducing climate-based health risks in blue environments: adapting to the climate change impacts on coastal pathogens. BlueAdapt brings together an interdisciplinary team of biologists, climate scientists, economists, epidemiologists and public health experts to investigate and quantify the future health risks associated with viral and microbial coastal pathogens in Europe. Deltares recruits two PhD candidates, who will work together in the BlueAdapt project: one focussing on laboratory and field experiments and one focussing on modelling to explain how pathogens behave in coastal environments and how they will respond to climate change.

The latter PhD candidate will analyse the dynamics of coastal pathogens through modelling and analysis of field data. Field and laboratory findings from the other PhD candidate will support parameterization of the models. Model simulations will also be used to collaborate with local stakeholders to find innovative solutions to reduce human health risks, including early warning tools.