Phd Position A multidisciplinary ‘big data’ approach to identify early warning signals in microalgae production systemsExternal

27th of January 2022

News Overview

Contact: Dr. Pedro Cermeno
E-mail: pedrocermeno [at]
website: PRODIGIO project website
Deadline: January 27, 2022

Phd Position in 'A multidisciplinary ‘big data’ approach to identify early warning signals in microalgae production systems'

Host institution ICM -CSIC - Instituto de Ciencias del Mar

Research Project / Research Group Description

The project will be carried out in the research group Plankton Ecology and Ocean Health of the Institut de Ciencies del Mar (ICM-CSIC). Among other interests, the group harnesses the diversity marine living resources for the development of efficient and environmentally-integrated bioenergy/food/remediation technologies. If awarded, this doctoral project will contribute to boost an innovative research line on blue bio-energy that, in collaboration with 7 other European research institutions, has recently been awarded by the EU with a research and innovation grant (a total of 2.5 million euros) to develop early warning technologies in microbial-based production systems (PRODIGIO project).

Job position description

The research will be carried out at the Institut de Ciencies del Mar CSIC within the framework of the EU Research & Innovation Action PRODIGIO, an ambitious green bioenergy initiative aimed at moving the entire biogas production chain efficiently towards its theoretical maximum. The doctoral student will acquire skills in multi-Omics, chemical fingerprint technologies, bioinformatics, and computational ecology methods, and will join an international research team involved in the reconstruction of the interaction networks operating normal, pre-failure and failure state bioreactors. The research programme will be performed in close collaboration with project partners.

This position is based in Barcelona, Spain.

Applications are made directly to La Caixa INPHiNIT program

Deadline 27th of January 2022, candidates will be shortlisted in April and a final decision will be made in June 2022.

For more information, see the full description below.