Post-doc on Developing a tropho-economic model for the Bay of BiscayExternal

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Contact: Verena Trenkel
E-mail: verena.trenkel [at]
website: Ifremer
Deadline: September 9, 2016

The proposed post-doc position at EMG, Ifremer, France, is part of a project named PRIME TRADEOFFS with several partners and funded by the ERA-net Cofasp. The researcher will formulate a model of intermediate complexity for the dynamics of the food web in the Bay of Biscay and the fisheries that exploit it as well as the driving environmental variables. The second objective is to determine and quantify the links and functional forms of the relationships between functions groups, fleets and environmental variables. The final objective is to use the model to explore the expected changes under different scenarios of fisheries management and environmental conditions.

Candidates should have experience in statistical modelling and a PhD in statistical ecology or quantitative fisheries science.

For more information on the specifications and how to apply see the job description.