08 Aug 2022

Deadline 25 September 2022.

Location: UMR MARBEC Marine Biodiversity, Conservation & Exploitation at Sète, France.

Contact: bastien.merigot@umontpellier.fr

In the frame of the B-USEFUL project, a 47-months post-doc position is opened at Montpellier University - MARBEC lab (Sète, France), starting 28 October 2022.

The aim of this post-doc research position is to contribute to the above complementary objectives in collaboration with the B-USEFUL consortium for the overall studied area, and with a particular focus on the Western Mediterranean case study. This project involves skills in quantitative methods (e.g. biodiversity indices/indicators, GLM/GAM, machine learning, joint-species distribution model, structural equation model), as well as in theoretical and applied ecology.

The candidate is required to have a PhD in quantitative ecology, statistics or computer science.