08 Aug 2022

Deadline 26th September 2022

The department of Coastal Systems (COS - location Texel) is looking for a highly motivated postdoctoral researcher with a background in marine ecology and numerical modelling.

The postdoc project is focused on physical oceanography and physical-ecological modeling.

The PhD-student will perform experiments in the laboratory on how zooplankton-phytoplankton (feeding) interactions depend on turbulence, silt concentration, and algal physiological conditions and will use the data to parameterise physiologically-based (DEB) model(s) of zooplankton dynamics. The new model descriptions will be applied in several idealized physical settings to predict how sand extraction, simulated by various nutrient conditions, hydrodynamic regimes, and turbidity, will affect phytoplankton and zooplankton dynamics.

Employment of this position at Royal NIOZ is by NWOI (The Netherlands Organization of Scientific Research).