Postdoctoral opportunity on the development of selectivity models to infer on fish escapement processes in a trawlExternal

Iferemer, France

News Overview

E-mail: grh [at]
Deadline: March 29, 2021

Ifremer (France) is seeking postdoctoral candidates for a project which aims to review and compare the usual selectivity models to develop new ones that increase the estimates precision and our understanding of the underlying fish escapement processes from fishing gear.

Primary activities will be to:

Make a review of the existing models, identify their limits and propose improvements using case studies (selectivity data will be provided from the CELSELECT and REJEMCELEC projects). Adoption of a more mechanistic approach is proposed to account for escapement processes and account for the aggregated nature of such data. The combination with other kind of data (e.g. environment, “fall-through”, video) could also be investigated.

A simulation approach based on commonly encountered experimental conditions could be used to compare the performance of the selectivity models, as well as different sampling protocol. These results will help to optimize the precision of future experiments.

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