The University of Gothenburg is seeking postdoctoral candidates to be part of an EU-funded project to improve productivity of controlled-environment agriculture (CEA) systems through improved valorization of waste streams. As such, the post-doc will explore economically viable revalorization solutions centred around how waste nutrients or energy from other industries can be incorporated back into feed production, or how wastes from fish farms can repurposed into systems such as aquaponics.

In this project, the postdoc will work with industry and academic partners in the development of alternative fish feeds, improving the nutrient potential of aquaculture wastes for revalorisation. The postdoc will participate in research aimed at implementable improvements to nutrient and energy cycling in aquaponic facilities, as well as contribute to the understanding of the mechanisms underlying these improvements. There is considerable latitude to adjust this project to a candidate’s skills and interests.

For more information, please visit the website below.

  • Deadline : 31 Jan 2023