04 Aug 2022

Deadline 31 October 2022

The University of Bergen is seeking two postdoctoral Research Fellows in Safety and Working Conditions for Maritime Workers

The two positions are open to either incoming or outgoing candidates, see mobility rules. The successful candidates will be employed at the Department of Psychosocial Science, at the Faculty of Psychology.

The positions are open for research on working conditions for maritime workers, where one position is dedicated to ‘maritime safety’ and the other position is dedicated to ‘non-standard work schedules’.

  • Position 1: Research related to maritime safety will be associated with the Operational Psychology Research Group, supervisor: Professor Bjørn Sætrevik.
  • Position 2: Research related to non-standard working hours will be associated with the Bergen Sleep and Chronobiology Network, supervisor: Professor Ståle Pallesen.

The primary objective of the postdoctoral position is to qualify the appointee for work in top academic positions. Teaching and/or other qualifying duties might be included if the appointee lacks such experience.