Deadline: 17 Jul 2024

Published: 10 Jul 2024

The Prep4Blue webinar series aims to help upskill participants in the use of different stakeholders’ methods/tools. Over three one-hour sessions, participants will learn good practices on stakeholder engagement in line with the targets of the EU Mission: Restore Our Ocean and Waters By 2030. These webinars are designed as bite-sized, targeted sessions that will equip the audience with key information and knowledge of where/how to access more details or expertise.

Webinar 2: From Stakeholders Engagement to Policy: Assessing Marine Biodiversity Value

Date/time: Wednesday 17th July, 12.00 am CEST, Online

This webinar will introduce at which degree citizens and other stakeholders are engaged when developing the different methodologies for monetary assessing the contribution of the marine biodiversity (from microbes to megafauna) to people wellbeing.

Some examples will be provided emerging from the BIOcean5D project co-funded by the European Union to give answer to policy makers who require start merging those valuations together with other environmental variables into decision-making, also, using to estimate the cost of the environmental degradation, among others.

About the trainers: PhD. Arantza Murillas-Maza, AZTI

Works as Principal Investigator since 2004 in the marine research division of AZTI, in the field of the marine socioeconomics working on research topics as the natural resources’ valuation, economic assessment of ecosystem services, fisheries management, maritime economy, blue growth and fisheries governance. Recently, she led an international consortium CABFISHMAN (INTERREG Atlantic Area) aiming to improve the protection of the marine environment and marine resources in the Northeast Atlantic area (2019-2023). Currently, she co-led the BIOcean5D WP Natural capital accounting, ecosystem services and marine protected areas.

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