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DW Biomass Project, UCC, Ireland

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E-mail: m.jansen [at]
Deadline: February 23, 2021

The DW Biomass Project, hosted by University College Cork (Ireland) is seeking a research assistant to join its team. The project is developing a sustainable, circular, nutrient cycle in freshwater aquaculture by growing duckweed (Lemna species) on wastewater from a fish farm. This will reduce impacts of aquaculture on the environment, generate a second source of income, reduce dependency of fish meal, and foster a sustainable use of resources.

The primary purpose of the research role is to optimise management of duckweed growth (Lemna sp.) at the fish farm, while monitoring water quality including levels of ammonia, phosphates and other nutrients. This will help maintain fish health and quality, while generating valuable protein-rich plant biomass.

The ideal candidate has experience with aquaculture and/or water quality management and/or appropriate research experience.

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