03 Feb 2022

Website: Research Assistant Deadline: February 3, 2022

Swansea University - School of Biosciences, Geography and Physics

Hours of work: 35 hours per week

Contract: Fixed term September 2022 – June 2023

Location: This position will be based at the Singleton/Bay Campus

Main Purpose of Post:

  1. Provide scientific leadership to seagrass aquaria operations.
  2. Lead mechanised seagrass restoration operations for Seagrass Ocean Rescue.
  3. Prepare scientific reports and papers as outputs from Seagrass Ocean Rescue.
  4. Provide support towards Seagrass Ocean Rescue team motivation.
  5. Pro-actively contribute to and conduct research, including gather, prepare and analyse data and present results, exhibiting a degree of independence in terms of specifying the focus and direction of that research.
  6. Prepare reports, draft patents and papers describing the results of the research, both confidential and for publication. The appointee is expected to be actively engaged in the writing and publishing of research papers, particularly those intended for publication in refereed (eg international) journals or comparable as a normal part of their role.
  7. Be self-motivated, apply and use initiative, aiming to determine suitable ways to tackle challenges and seeking guidance when needed.
  8. Use creativity to analyse and interpret research data and draw conclusions on the outcomes.

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