05 Nov 2020

Results from a foresight workshop funded by EuroMarine in 2018 have been published as a paper in the Nature Climate Change publication, one of the leading climate change publications worldwide. "The future of Arctic sea-ice biogeochemistry and ice-associated ecosystems" paper resulted from the foresight workshop of 40 attendees from 14 different countries. It examines how the rapidly transforming sea-ice-scape is leading to an earlier growing season, resulting in an increase of ice algae and phytoplankton biomass and augmenting the emission of dimethylsulfide and capture of CO2.

The paper also captures the impact of secondary production on the shelves and the consequent impacts on the release of methane and halogen. Their paper serves as a call for instensified long-term observations and modelling efforts to help us better understand and address these complex changes in a critical ecosystem. To read the paper in full, please follow the link below to the Nature Climate Change website.

The paper may be cited as: Lannuzel D, Tedesco L, Van Leeuwe M, Campbell K, Flores H, Delille B, Miller L, Stefels J, Assmy P, Bowman J, Brown K. The future of Arctic sea-ice biogeochemistry and ice-associated ecosystems. Nature Climate Change. 2020 Oct 27:1-0.