Researcher in Hydrodynamics -Fluid / Structure InteractionExternal

Ifremer, France

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Contact: Daniel Priour
E-mail: Daniel.Priour [at]
website: Ifremer
Deadline: September 18, 2016

Ifremer, the French Research Institute for Exploitation of the Sea, is an internationally recognized leader in marine sciences, pushing the frontiers of knowledge of the oceans and their resources, and monitoring marine and coastal environments for the sustainable development of marine activities.

Within the RDT unit, the LCSM laboratory contributes to the improvement of the knowledge in fluid / structure interaction and induced structural behaviour.

The researcher will be under the responsibility of the head of the laboratory. He / she will be in relationship with the teams in charge of the test basins of Brest (wave tank) and Boulogne / mer (wave and current tank).

For more details see the job description.