24 Nov 2022

IDDRI is a leading think tank that aims to strengthen international cooperation for a prosperous future for all and support sustainable development compatible with the limits of the planet, both in the North and in the South.

IDDRI has just launched a major project on coastal and marine tourism ("blue tourism").

the ambition of the project is to promote the development of sustainable blue tourism in three marine regions (Mediterranean, Western Indian Ocean, Caribbean) by influencing public and private actors, facilitating the emergence of new practices, and promoting cooperation and the sharing of experiences, particularly on a regional scale. IDDRI is in charge of steering the project and coordinating its partners in the project regions.

Under the supervision of IDDRI's Ocean Program Director, and in close collaboration with the rest of the team, the Senior Policy Officer will design the project's impact strategy and coordinate its implementation, ensuring the quality, relevance and consistency of the underlying research. Around a quarter of the time will be dedicated to other activities of the Ocean programme.

Deadline: 16 December 2022