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Open po­s­i­tions in a new Centre for Coastal Eco­sys­tem and Cli­mate Change Research.

News Overview

Contact: Alf Norkko
E-mail: alf.norkko [at]
Deadline: October 30, 2021

Candidates should submit their letters by October 30. Positions are offered for 5 years, with a potential for extension.

A new Centre for Coastal Ecosystem and Climate Change Research (CoastClim) is currently being established to bring together cutting-edge expertise in marine ecology, biogeochemistry, and atmospheric chemistry and physics to explore the role of coastal habitats and their biodiversity, for habitat-specific carbon storage and sequestration, GHG fluxes and aerosol production affecting radiative forcing in the coastal realm. CoastClim is part of a spearhead strategic partnership between the University of Helsinki (UH) and Stockholm University (SU) that focuses on strengthening collaborative marine ecosystem and climate change research between our universities.

The team are looking, broadly, for the following senior scientist positions in (1) benthic marine ecology, (2) marine ecosystems ecology, and (3) marine biogeochemistry. Moreover, the team are looking for a dedicated (4) science technician to develop and maintain new instrumentation platforms.

In terms of experience and profile the following are relevant profiles for the respective position including contact details for submissions of interest:

  1. Benthic marine ecology; experience in the ecology of seafloor communities and biodiversity and ecosystem function relationships, carbon cycling. Scientific diving skills essential. Contact: alf [dot] norkkoathelsinki [dot] fi
  2. Marine ecosystems ecology; relevant experience may include carbon-cycling in pelagic ecosystems,  microbial ecology, energy flows, food webs, systems ecology, modelling of carbon and nutrients. Contact: alf [dot] norkkoathelsinki [dot] fi
  3. Marine biogeochemistry; experience of benthic and pelagic biogeochemistry with focus on quantification of green house gases. Contact: Christoph [dot] humborgatsu [dot] se and alf [dot] norkkoathelsinki [dot] fi
  4. Science technician; technical skills in maintaining instruments, including automated aquatic and/or atmospheric measuring systems, experience of large datasets, field and laboratory experience. Contact: Joanna [dot] norkkoathelsinki [dot] fi

Rather than a formal application procedure expressions of interest are invited to scan for the best talent available to join the growing marine team. 

For more information please visit the job advertisement here.