Brilliant Marine Research Idea are looking for grant applicants. Brilliant Marine Research Idea grants are for PhD students or junior postdoctoral researchers to explore and execute an idea or additional research on a topic that was initially not foreseen, but that would add an extra value to the ongoing research.

VLIZ philanthropy to fund a marine research idea that can contribute to solving a hypothesis-based marine research question. Topics of interest are, amongst others and not limited to, the themes identified in the philanthropy research agenda including pollution, ocean and human health, marine biodiversity, climate change, ocean related disasters and marine explorations

There are 6 grants to apply to:

  • 4 BMRI grants for PhD-students in Flanders
  • 1 BMRI grant for a junior postdoctoral researcher in Flanders
  • 1 BMRI grant for a PhD-student in the South

Deadline: 27 January 2023